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Being the leading provider of Vulnerability Intelligence, Secunia plays an important role in the security ecosystem, and is the preferred supplier for many enterprises and government agencies around the globe.

Vulnerabilities in software represent the "Achilles' Heel" of any network or IT system. Secunia's mission is to identify and eliminate the threat from these vulnerabilities, by accurately tracking software vulnerabilities and supply products to our customers, and the community.

The quality and importance of Secunia in the security ecosystem is publicly recognised by customers, partners, software vendors, industry peers, media, and the community.

Vulnerability Intelligence that is known for its quality, comprehensiveness, and timeliness
Secunia collaborates closely with many vendors, researchers, security experts, customers, security organisations, and expert users to ensure that the Secunia intelligence is accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date, and timely.
Secunia engages in direct dialogue with numerous vendors and open source projects to ensure that vulnerabilities are fixed correctly, and that Secunia Advisories are as detailed and accurate as possible.
Secunia provides further analysis and PoC's to help vendors identify the core problem, and in certain cases we even verify patches prior to release.
An acknowledged industry voice
Secunia has been elected to the CVE Editorial Board, due to our consistent contribution of accurate Vulnerability Intelligence, and our cooperation with key people in the security eco-system.
Secunia is a key contributor to the annual CWE Top 25, and a member of FIRST, and OTA.
Community driven – and supported
A very active community surrounds Secunia with having more than five million visitors annually
The Secunia PSI is used by more than three million private users
More than 200,000 subscribe to the Secunia mailing lists
The Secunia OSI is used more than 3,000 times per day
The Secunia community / forum counts thousands of registered members
Many organisations, CERT units, and private individuals have engaged in the translation of the Secunia PSI into 42 languages, actively promote patching, and the use of the Secunia PSI to stay secure.
Reliable Vulnerability Intelligence
Reliability has always been the key success factor for the Secunia Vulnerability Intelligence, and is a true differentiator for our business and products, setting us apart from the competition. To maintain the position as the most active vulnerability research company, Secunia continuously invests in the needed resources, as well as in the in-house vulnerability research team.

Unique Technology
Secunia is the first, and currently, the only provider of a comprehensive, non-intrusive vulnerability scanner, which builds an accurate inventory based on program files, and a vulnerability assessment of the inventory based on the Vulnerability Intelligence. This unique software inspector technology is powered by Secunia Vulnerability Intelligence, as well as by valuable contributions from millions of Personal Software Inspector users and corporate customers.

Secunia developed the Software Inspector technology, based on feedback from the market and the community - which supported a need for more accurate and operations-friendly scanners that could either complement or replace the use of traditional network based scanners, which are prone to false positive and false negative results.

Peerless Performance
Secunia has from year one exhibited peerless financial and strategic performance, proving the following by organic means:

Higher growth than market average since inception – and organic
Continuous growth in staffing
Yearly profitability
No bearing debt
Privately funded
Dun and Bradstreet AA rating
A strong and credible brand

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Quick FactsFounded
Privately Held (ApS)Employees
• Privately funded
• No bearing debt
• Organic growthHeadquarters
Copenhagen, DenmarkCustomers/Users
• B2B: Many enterprises, government agencies, and security vendors worldwide

• B2C: Over 3,3 million private users

"Secunia has been able to provide the highest level of customer value in the vulnerability research market due to several key factors such as consistent research activities, strong performance and brand name, and holistic vulnerability intelligence and management services."

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